Monday, July 28, 2008

Printed piece from class - Ripples

I recently took a fiber continuing education class and this is one piece I did. I call it Ripples. The colors didn't come out quite as planned, however I am still pleased. I have been wanting to do a 2 yard screen printed cotton piece for several years now, and, since I lack the facilities to do one at home, at least for now, I was happy to find a class where I could work on one. Holly Stewart teaches these continuing education classes at the Kansas City Art Institute (you can go to her website from this blog, she's under "sites I like"). She's a great fiber artist and a fabulous person. I think it's safe to say that if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be doing this right now.


Lacey said...

Wow, I have got to try and keep up on you! Great looking stuff... it sounds like the class was great.

You mentioned "what to do with it" in one of these posts... I'd live to see a picture of something you have made from your fabrics. How cool!

Hope to see you and Doug again sometime soon. Cheers~

FiberLAB said...

Thanks Lacey for your comment. I have some pieces being made into garments as we speak! I'll be sure to post the photographs as soon as I have them. My mother has graciously decided to be the model of the garments, and Tomboy Designs is making them for her. It sounds like your NYC trip was great, congrats!