Saturday, December 5, 2009

Silk Velvet Indigo Shibori

Here's how the piece below came out once I had dyed it. It took so long to tie up, but the result is definitely worth all the work.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Indigo Velvet

I thought I'd show a before picture. This is silk velvet all tied up and ready to dip in the indigo vat. It took a while to tie these 3 yards up.

Velvet Pillow

This is the front piece for a pillow that is about 60" long. I made up the quote myself and did the sublimation on a very long piece of paper to transfer it to the polyester velvet. I was thrilled with the result and so were my folks, who are the recipient.

Chiffon Dishcharge

I did a black chiffon tied discharge for this piece. I can do approximately 3 yards at a time, otherwise it looks too black. I'm very happy with the result. Hope you are too!

Sublimation Print

This is a sublimation print with neutrals and cyan. I just did it as a sample, but it can be made to any length.

Black Satin Itajime Discharge

I did the tortise shell itajime on this black satin as a discharge. Took 6 hours to get to these colors, but I'm pleased. Very dramatic. I think it would look good as a vest or jacket.

Indigo Bamboo Itajime

3 Yards of bamboo which I did the tortise shell itajime on. Feels wonderful.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chiffon Discharge Yardage

Here is the last of my discharge work for today. An itajime tortishell pattern.

Chiffon Discharge Yardage

I've worked with this pattern and style of tyeing and discharging before. This one however is spaced a little differently.

Raspberry Itajime Scarf

More from the discharge pot. I really like the colors in this one.

Raspberry Arashi Scarf

Today I decided to do some discharge and here is one of the results. I'm very pleased, I like how it varies in depth from thin lines to thick.

Indigo Class

I finished my indigo class last Saturday so here are some of the things I did while I was in class. Hope you like them!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Indigo Class

I'm taking a class on indigo dying and here are some of my class projects. I really like the scarves and plan on doing some more of them. I'll keep you posted. There are two more class sessions planned.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Two images of work I just finished for a client here in KC. I'm happy I got to do this new work! It was exciting to get out of my box and do some new stuff. The scarf was a real learning experience!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Anniversary Pillow

This is a piece of velvet I printed for my parents anniversary. My quote and design. It's large, 45" wide by around 12" tall, so it covers the head of the bed. It took quite a long time to do, but I am very pleased with the results.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Brocade/Bomaki scarves

Combination of sublimation and shibori! I'm really happy with these.

Purple Itajime discharged scarf

Purple Discharged scarves

Green Squares scarf

Green squares done by way of discharged itajime.

Pink Arashi scarf

A discharged pink arashi shibori scarf.

Brown Organza

This is some brown organza which was originally black and I discharged it to brown. I'm pleased with the result.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Bomaki

Spring is here! And so is spring colored bomaki. Purples, light blues, light greens, and a deep pink. Made me think of easter, it was a lot of fun to work with and I'm glad I have 6 yards of it. It did take two rounds on the pole to get it just so, but well worth the extra work.

Discharged Batik

This is the same purchased finished fabric that the "starry batik" is on. This piece however, I did using the bomaki method. I really like it. It reminds me of water at night.

Discharged Batik - Starry Batik

This is another piece of purchased finished fabric which I then discharged using screen printing. I think it is fun. I don't know that I would want a lot of it, but I like the small 9x12 size that I created.

Discharged Batik

This was a purchased prepared finished piece of fabric that was in the batik style that I gathered up and wrapped in spiderweb style all different sizes all over the fabric then discharged. It came out very different than the original which was a dark purple and orange batik with teal accents. It was a good experiment!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Out of the Archives - for a good viewing

You have just seen this one on the blog, but I'm proud of it. It's the latest sublimation print, the fish/net with the blue background. It was a good experiment and I'm pleased it worked out. It was great fun to do and a lot of fun to print.

Here is the neutral checkerboard print sublimated poly cotton. I made this into a duvet cover for my parents, and it's also being made into a dress. The fabric is nice and light and has a fabulous hand to it. I really like this technique and this print. It's a lot of fun to do.

The Silver satin bomaki and the Black satin bomaki. The black has been made into some shrugs by Sophie and Gwendallyn and you can get one at Haught Style. The silver was made into a cute cowl neck top, but I think it would make a fabulous mother of the bride suit, whether with pants or a straight skirt.

The Green Silk, the Pink Silk, and the Yellow Silk. The green silk was made into a dress, but I still have close to 10 yards of it, and the yellow silk was made into a beach hoodie and is nothing but scraps now. The pink silk, I have 3 yards of and noone seems to know what to do with it. It's not my usual color choices, I was taking a risk. I guess that's just what happens.

The bronze bomaki. This one has been made into jackets and scarves by Sophie and Gwendolynn, and they are for sale at Haught Style in Prairie Village (that's in Kansas folks).

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blue Fish/net Sublimation Print

This is a new sublimation print that I'm working on now. Similar to the others, yet with a tinted background and a different all over print distorted throughout the piece.

Blue Fish/net Sublimation Print

Here's an up close look at the print.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Duvet Cover

This is a duvet cover I made for my parents for Christmas out of the neutral checker print. I'm pleased with it. It feels great and has a great weight to it. Just perfect for snuggling down on a cold winter's night.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Print - Birds Neutral Colorway

And here is the neutral (kind of more green really) colorway for the bird print. I think I like the neutral better than the color print, tho that's a tough call on this one. I really like both of them a lot.

New Print - Birds

I have done a new print, this time it's birds. It's very simple, but I like the graphic quality of it. I'll do a neutral colorway of it too. I am really liking the neutral colorways I've been coming up with. Don't mean to toot my own horn or anything...